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Reductive Massage

The body is very efficient and it knows candy bars have a high source of glucose with minimal effort, but that isn’t always the best thing for our waist line.

Bajar de peso

Weight Loss: Cravings

The best way to deal with cravings is to deal with them.

Rule #1: Forgive yourself the times that you give in and eat badly. It’s only a failure if you can’t get past the fact that none of us are perfect and use it as an excuse to eat badly.

Rule #2: Realize what a craving is. Cravings are the way your body places a special order. For example;  it says, “I need energy and I know the fastest way to get energy is to eat a candy bar.

” Of course it can’t have a sane conversation with you directly so it just sends you a craving. You are just thinking, “Man, a candy bar sounds good right now!”

Good luck with your journey to a happier and healthier you!


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The body is very efficient and it knows candy bars have a high source of glucose with minimal effort, but that isn’t always the best thing for our waist line. Try eating some fruit instead. You’ll still get the sugar, but at least there will also be the nutrients in the fruit as well verses the empty candy calorie.

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Rule #3: I have a “Three Craving Rule” and this might work for you too. Sometimes I can look at something and be overwhelmed with wanting to eat it, but walk away from it and never think of it again.

Those are easy to get over, but if it sticks with me then it is something I know I should address. So I came up with this rule….if I crave something three times I eat it. No matter what it is. But before I can have it, I have to earn it first.

I do this by exercising an extra 30 minutes and I have to eat it outside of the house. This means going to eat an ice cream cone instead of bringing a carton of ice cream  into the house. I also only allow myself one craving a week, usually on a Sunday.

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